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Around the nation, memorials dedicated to the men & women of the United States’ armed services are places of honor, respect, reflection & education. Today, here in El Dorado Hills, we have the invaluable opportunity to create our own memorial: a tangible expression of the deep gratitude we feel for those who have served their country. What once started as recognition for armed services has now grown to acknowledge additional heroes – those that also protect us locally in the form of safety and emergency responders.

The land for the Memorial, adjacent to Promontory Community Park, has been donated by the El Dorado Hills Community Services District (District), and continued maintenance of the memorial will be provided by the District. Many professionals have already contributed their time to draft the architectural plans, create the construction schedule, and plan the grading and electrical needs.

The Veterans & Heroes Memorial Park in El Dorado Hills envisions containing a memory garden, walk-through exhibits, and a gathering area with stage. Local Eagle Scout candidates from Troop 645 are working on Eagle Scout projects to kick-off the development of Veterans & Heroes Memorial Park, located within Promontory Park in El Dorado Hills. These Eagle Scout projects are combining to create a Heroes Memorial at the entrance area of the Veterans & First Responders Memorial Park site.  Included in the Memorial is a 15-foot lighted flagpole, a concrete pad, and two granite monuments; one honoring Veterans, the other honoring First Responders. The Veteran’s monument will recognize all U.S. Military branches and POW/MIA. The First Responders monument will recognize local Sheriff, Fire, and Paramedics.

To support this effort, EDH Promise Foundation raffled off a weekend in a South Lake Tahoe Cabin, and a 1987 Monte Carlo SS as a fundraiser for Veteran projects, including the Eagle Projects described above. This fundraiser has initially resulted in nearly $10,000! Which, by all accounts, is a far cry from the total needed to meet the full potential of what this memorial park could become.


EDH Promise Foundation Major Contributors